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NACUFS Survey Reveals Food Service Satisfaction Has Improved at Stony Brook University

Roth scores are the simple average between Roth Market Fresh, Wendy's and S3

Roth scores are the simple average between Roth Market Fresh, Wendy's and S3

Stony Brook, NY, March 25, 2015 – According to the results of the National Association of College and University Food Service (NACUFS) survey conducted in December 2014, customer satisfaction related to food service at Stony Brook University has increased in every category polled since last year’s survey.

The survey, which polled 1,533 random customers in the dining halls, showed that, on average, customers feel that they’re getting more value out of their meal plans and are more satisfied with the healthy choices and nutritional content of food available on campus than they were the prior year. Of the respondents, 95% are students and 82% live on campus.

The NACUFS survey is a valuable assessment tool for the Faculty Student Association (FSA) because it enables them to gauge student satisfaction on a broad scale. For the fall 2014 semester, many new dining improvements were implemented and these survey results show some of the improvements did in fact increase satisfaction.

One major improvement for the 2014-2015 academic year was the price freeze. Retail pricing and meal plan pricing did not increase and satisfaction related to value improved. When students returned from summer break, new kiosks were implemented at the Student Activities Center (SAC) food court. Satisfaction with speed of service at this location showed the kiosks had a positive impact.

Every dining location revealed an increase in satisfaction related to the variety of healthy choices available. The Union Commons saw the greatest increase in satisfaction levels of variety of vegetarian menu selections. Green Street Café at the Union Commons opened in the fall 2014 semester offering fresh and tasty meals for lunch and dinner that are exclusively vegetarian.

Roth Market Fresh rated the highest regarding satisfaction with freshness of food. Roth Market Fresh is a food court platform created and improved each semester based on Marketing Research studies conducted in the College of Business. The objective is to promote healthier meal choices by offering fresh, cooked to order entrees with a choice of healthier sides.

Also noteworthy is satisfaction increased for weekend brunch at the Union Commons more than any other dining concept on campus.  This all you care to eat meal is available from 10am-3pm for $9.75.

Though the improvement was obvious across the board, the FSA is still dedicated to making further improvements to increase customer satisfaction scores each year.  The FSA will be taking a closer look at how the targeted areas for improvement differ across other factors in the survey, including Campus Dining location and customer demographics. This year, target areas for additional improvements will include further improving meal plan value, speed of service, overall food variety and satisfaction with healthy and vegetarian food options.