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Roth Regatta Cafe Featuring Red Mango Now Open

Stony Brook, NY, March 27, 2013 Roth Regatta Café featuring Red Mango opens today with an atmosphere that is welcoming to the entire campus community and ready to greet students on their return from Spring Break.

“The goal of Roth Regatta Café featuring Red Mango is to build a new place for the students, by the students, where everyone can feel comfortable and relaxed,” said Alex Langstrand, a student manager at the new Café in Roth Food Court.

The Roth Regatta Café featuring Red Mango marks a milestone for the Faculty Student Association (FSA) and its student staffing program because it is the first Campus Dining operation opening with a full staff of students and student managers. FSA arranged for Langstrand and six other student managers to receive classroom and behind the counter Red Mango instruction and to develop the policies and procedures that define the operation’s working conditions and culture. The student managers, in turn, were required to plan and implement the training of over 40 additional students, collectively known as “the Crew”, to work the various shifts at Roth Regatta Café featuring Red Mango.

As explained by Warren Wartell, FSA’s Director of Administrative Services, “When students are provided with quality, on-campus employment opportunities, it serves as both a means of financial support and as a vehicle for partaking of experiential learning opportunities. To make this happen, FSA has invested in student workplace training programs, such as the one provided at the Roth Regatta Cafe.”

In addition to providing expanded on-campus student employment opportunities, the new café allows FSA and Campus Dining to utilize the student input it has received. Red Mango frozen yogurt and smoothies was recommended by the Campus Dining Resolutions Committee as an additional brand for Roth Food Court, along with Wendy’s and Starbucks. The brands complement a culturally diverse selection of foods provided by the nearby S3 Fusion and Roth Market meal options.

Roth Regatta Café featuring Red Mango features full counter service in which customers are warmly welcomed and efficiently served by the student “Crew” and then encouraged to “drop anchor and stay awhile” just as the sign over the door reads. Customers are further encouraged to stay, socialize and study by the inviting seating areas that were newly created in the side dining room in which the café is located. These renovations include the upgrade of wireless capability, the addition of ample electric outlets and a variety of comfortable seating for individuals and small groups, as well as acoustical treatment of area carpeting and sound panels imprinted with photographs of Roth Quad and its famous annual Regatta which gives the Café its name.

To further encourage the café atmosphere, the new venue’s Crew is planning Friday evening live student performances and Open Mic nights. The first performance will be Friday Night Live on March 29th featuring performances by The High C’s, The Vocalists, The Pipettes and SB Live.

The café offers six flavors of Red Mango frozen yogurt that can be customized with dozens of toppings and served in sundaes, parfaits, waffle cones, and smoothies. Standardize sizing allows for a flat rate per serving size (small, medium, large), which helps students on a meal plan manage their budget. Meal plan, Wolfie Wallet, cash, credit/debit cards and Red Mango gift cards are accepted.

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