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  • Spring 2021
    Week 15: Good Luck on Finals & Congratulations Class of 2021!


    Week 14: Leave of Absence & Term Withdrawal Deadline, and Students Share Their Study Tips


    Week 13: Tips to Effectively Prepare for Final Exams


    Week 12: Advanced Registration Tips & Advice


     Week 11: Graduation Application Deadline & Grad Day


    Week 10: Major/Minor Changes, Preparing for Advanced Registration, and Upcoming URECA Research Celebration!


    Week 9: Preparing for Advanced Registration & Deadline Reminder - GPNC & Course Withdrawals


    Week 8: Upcoming Deadline - GPNC & Course Withdrawals 


    Week 7: Move Up/Drop Down Deadline, Tips for Transfer Students, and How to Register for the Community Run/Walk 5K


    Week 6: Networking & Connecting with Alumni - Before AND After You Graduate


    Week 5: Preparing for the Major/Minor Event


    Week 4: Career Center Services & Tips from Our Dean of Students


    Week 3: Tools for Successful Online Learning - CELT, SINC Sites, DoIT, Academic Technologies


    Week 2: Add/Drop/Swap Deadline & How to Apply for Graduation on Solar


    Week 1: Welcome Back! Major/Minor Change & Waitlist Deadlines, Plus Resources from the Academic Success and Tutoring Center 


  • Fall 2020 Archives
    Week 16: Good Luck on Finals!


     Week 15: GPNC Deadline Reminder & CELT's Tips for Success on Remote Final Exams


    Week 13: URECA Research, SINC Sites and DoIT Services


     Week 12: Applying for Dec/Jan Graduation & Enrollment Tips


     Week 11: Changes to GPNC & Advice for Advanced Registration


    Week 10: Tips for Advanced Registration


    Week 9: Major/Minor Declaration Process & Changes to GPNC/Course Withdrawal Deadline


     Week 8: GPNC/Course Withdrawal Deadline & Advice from Pre-Professional Advising


     Week 7: Preparing for Registration 


     Week 6: Move-Up/Drop-Down Deadline, Resolving a ROME Hold, and Retaking Courses


     Week 5: Self-Regulated Learning Lab & Advice and Resources from CPO


     Week 4: Career Center Virtual Services & CELT's Tips for Successful Online Learning


     Week 3: Tips for New Transfer Students, Welcome from Dean of Students & What's Up Wednesday


     Week 2: Add/Drop/Swap Deadline & Advice for Making Schedule Changes 


    Week 1: Inaugural Edition! Major/Minor Change Deadline & Resources from Academic Success and Tutoring Center