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October 2016
President's Office

Cyber Security Awareness

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Computers and information technology are essential to the mission of a modern university. Not only academic pursuits, but also the daily business of the institution, are dependent on secure, reliable information systems.

Today we face increasing threats from malicious cyber attacks, loss of privacy from spyware and adware, and identity theft and fraud. It is essential that we take a thorough and collaborative approach to managing our cyber security risks.

With this in mind, Stony Brook University observes National Cyber Security Awareness Month every October. This year’s observance is especially important, because it includes the adoption of a new Information Security Policy:

This policy formalizes our Information Security Program and creates a united effort across the campus to protect the integrity of critical information. It establishes the need for all senior leadership to work towards improving cyber security and identifies the Information Security Program Council (ISPC) as the group charged with implementing new cyber security policy and related improvements.

Please be sure to familiarize yourself with this policy and prepare to join the University community in joint efforts to make cyber security a reality.

As this effort matures, you will see new cyber security related initiatives that will rely upon your involvement. For example, the Information Security Program will be inviting West Campus faculty and staff to complete online Safe Computing training this month and on an annual basis thereafter.

It is my expectation that all those who receive an invitation will make time for this important part of our cyber security efforts. Please be on the lookout for additional details.

Thank you for your ongoing and continuous efforts to maintain a safe and secure computing environment.

Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D.