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Mission Statement

The Information Security Program brings people, process and technology together to manage cyber risk to Stony Brook University’s mission, and to protect all members of our community. Success of the Program hinges upon our ability to:

Identify our most valuable assets, and the threats and vulnerabilities that expose them to high risk.
Protect the members of our campus community and the data we have been entrusted with.
Detect attempted and successful attacks to our computing environment.
Respond to cyber incidents in an organized and effective manner while minimizing their impact.
Recover from successful attacks, thereby ensuring the institution’s further success.

Social Media

Stay alert and informed by following us on the social media outlets listed below:

Information Security Public Forum

Stony Brook Information Sharing and Analysis Center (SB-ISAC)

Chief Information Security Officer's Blog

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Chief Information Security Officer
Assistant Vice President

Matthew Nappi

Matt Nappi

Name Title
Sean Burrowes Cyber Security Operations Analyst
Eric Johnfelt Senior Information Security Officer
Sanjay Kapur Vulnerability Management Program Director
Mark Velazquez Cyber Security Operations Analyst