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Affiliated Scholars

Visiting Scholars

  Anna M. Kłonkowska is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Sciences, University of Gdansk. She is a sociologist, psychologist, philosopher; her research interests include: transgender studies (with particular interest in trans masculinities), men’s studies, sociology of the body. Dr. Kłonkowska facilitates one of the few support groups for transgender people in Poland since 2010 and cooperates with the Trans-Fuzja Foundation and Tolerado Gdansk. She is also the editor-in-chief of the sociological journal, Miscellanea Anthropologica et Sociologica. Selected publications: “Masculinity: Assigned–Reassigned–Socially Constructed: The Social Reception of Trans Masculinity in Poland,” Men and Masculinities; and “Making Transgender Count in Poland: Disciplined Individuals and Circumscribed Populations,” Transgender Studies Quarterly.

Sandro Bellassai teaches Gender History and Modern European History at the University of Bologna (Italy). His research work has mostly focused on social representation of masculinities and gender relationships in modern and contemporary ages. He is the author of the book L'invenzione della virilità ("The Invention of Virility", 2011), among others, which investigates political uses of masculinities in Italian culture since Unification (1861).