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Affiliated Scholars

Visiting Scholars

  Dr. Anna M. Kłonkowska is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Gdansk. She is a sociologist, psychologist and philosopher. She has authored and co-authored numerous English and Polish publications in the field of transgender studies and masculinity studies. Anna Kłonkowska is a recipient of the Fulbright Foundation Senior Research Award, Chair in Transgender Studies Research Fellowship (the Transgender Archives), NAWA Bekker Programme Research Award, Kosciuszko Foundation Fellowship, Bednarowski Trust Fellowship, Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Fellowship. E-mail:

Project carried out at the CSMM

Racial/ethnic identity factor in conceptualizations of masculinity among trans men. A comparative case study of a mono- and multiracial society.

The project is to analyze the impact of racial or ethnic identity on conceptualizations of masculinity among trans men in a mono- and multiracial society. It’s a comparative study of Polish and US societies, with a purpose to investigate the dynamics and superimposition of racial/ethnic identity and gender identity in trans men. To meet this objective, the research focuses on: the general impact of socialization to racial/ethnic identities on embracing certain notions of masculinity; the attitude towards meeting the socially constructed racial/ethnic identities and/or stereotypes in constructing personal notions of masculinity by trans men; the impact of previous socialization to femininity (and its reliance on socialization to racial/ethnic identities) on constructing certain models of masculinity by trans men; the differences in perception of the complexity and plurality of masculinity models among trans men living in relatively monoracial and multiracial society. The project is financed with a research grant from the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA).

Sandro Bellassai teaches Gender History and Modern European History at the University of Bologna (Italy). His research work has mostly focused on social representation of masculinities and gender relationships in modern and contemporary ages. He is the author of the book L'invenzione della virilità ("The Invention of Virility", 2011), among others, which investigates political uses of masculinities in Italian culture since Unification (1861).