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This professional facility seats 239 guests featuring a spacious lobby and a street-level entrance.  The theater has an intimate feel, but the stage is designed to be large enough to feature any kind of performance, lecture or film while having whisper-perfect acoustics. A full-time, skilled production manager and on-site audio visual department mean your production will get the support it needs to shine.

Stage Size

 W: 25ft x D: 25ft

Seating Capacity (Fixed)


Special Features 






  • 32-Channel Audio Mixer
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Confidence Monitors for Presenters
  • 12,000-Lumen DLP High Definition Projecotr
  • Full Theatrical Lighting Plot and Lighting Control
  • Capacble of Special Lighting Cues
  • Great Sight-Lines for all audience members
  • An adaptable and flexible stage space
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