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Every university must study carefully how best to teach all aspects of the computing sciences. This subject does not concentrate in any single department or single discipline at the university; it pervades, with rapidly increasing extent, the work in nearly every field .” —President John Toll, 1967

Since its inception, Stony Brook’s computer science program has embraced collaborations with engineering, business, social sciences, medicine and many other programs across Stony Brook’s campus.  

Today, the Department boasts internationally renowned faculty who have been awarded the highest levels of recognition and have made significant contributions in visual computing, computer systems, cyber-security, networking, algorithms, intelligent computing and verification. Along with highly ranked undergraduate and graduate programs, Computer Science faculty and students are participating and leading cutting-edge partnerships at Stony Brook’s many Centers of Excellence , including:

•    National Security Institute
•    Center for Mobile Computing
•    Center for Smart Energy
•    Center for Dynamic Data Analysis
•    Center for Visual Computing

Notable advances, ongoing collaborations and Computer Science’s consistently high rankings explains why the department has outgrown its original facilities and was able to secure $40 million in State funding for a modern, more expansive facility equipped with the latest computer technology, classrooms, lecture halls and research labs.

Still, while New York State has invested in Computer Science by funding this new building, it’s private support from donors, friends and industry that’s critical to ensuring the program’s margin of excellence.

By associating your name with the Computer Science Building, you are joining an impressive community of visionary leaders who recognize Stony Brook’s Computer Sciences achievements and its potential to come.  

In the new building featuring hands-on research labs and collaborative learning spaces, you’re investing in tomorrow’s top who may very well one day start or manage the country’s most innovative companies and create the solutions that only technology can solve. You’ll help Stony Brook recruit the brightest minds in the field to conduct research and train students, and you’ll be part of an exciting new era in Stony Brook Computer Science that will have impact for generations to come.

Thank you for your interest in Stony Brook Computer Science. For more information, please contact Assistant Dean of Advancement, Kelly Dowling at 631-632-8561 or

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