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April 3,  2020 ( SUNY Global Center)

January 27-31,  2020

Simons Center for Geometry and Physics

Oct 10,  12pm  (LSB 038): Zhe Sage Chen

"Uncovering Neural Representation of Large-scale Hippocampal Spatiotemporal Codes"

Oct 9, 3pm (IACS): Diego Arribas 

"Age-specific encoding and decoding properties of dentate gyrus neurons"

Oct 3,  12pm  (LSB 038): Caleb Kemere

"Revealing the Cognitive Map During Hippocampal Ripples Using Hidden Markov Models"

Sep 26, 12pm(LSB 038): Byron Yu

"Brain-Computer Interfaces for Basic Science"

Sep 19,  12pm  (LSB 038): Markus Meister

"Dimensionless Numbers in Brain Science"

Sep 12, 12pm (LSB 038): Aysegul Gündüz

"Adaptive Deep Brain Stimulation for the Improved Treatment of Movement Disorders"

Sep 5, 12 pm (LSB 038): Maryam Shanechi

"Neural Decoding and Control of Multiscale Brain Networks: From Motor to Mood".

Aug 28, 3pm (IACS): David Francisco Theurel (MIT)

"The Role of Hippocampal Sequences in Deliberative Control"











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