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Mar 9-12
Matthew Dowling (Park Lab) will give a workshop talk at COSYNE 2023.
Mar 9-12
La Camera's group will have one poster and Memming Park's group will have three posters at COSYNE 2023.
Mar 1
Tianshu Li (La Camera lab) will give a seminar at the Institute for Advanced Computational Science
Feb 28
LaCamera's group published a model of decentralized vision from dermal photoreceptors to explain visual orientation in sea urchins. The paper has appeared in the Journal  in iScience.
Feb 24
Braden Brinkman will give a talk at the More and More Neurons Symposium titled "Non-Perturbative Renormalization Group Analysis of Collective Behavior in Networks of Spiking Neurons".
Jan 11
Maffei and Fontanini's groups published a paper in Science Advances titled "Experience-dependent plasticity of gustatory insular cortex circuits and taste preferences".

Apr 29
Mar 3
The CNCD group has published a featured review on metastable dynamics in cortical circuits in Applied Physics Reviews. Read more here.

Nov 26
Memming Park gave a talk at the Annual Symposium of Korean Society for Computational Neuroscience, titled "Real-time neuroscience".
Oct 9
Memming Park gave a talk at the CRCNS workshop titled "Challenges and perspectives on large-scale neural data analysis".
Sept 29
Josue Nassar (Park Lab) gave an invited talk at the Flatiron institute titled "Maximizing exploration in unknown dynamical environments with (potential) attractors".
Sept 23
Maffei's group published a paper in eNeuro on the impact of reduced dopamine signaling on pyramidal neuron excitability in mouse motor cortex. The work has potential implications for Parkinson's disease.
Apr 29
Memming Park gave a seminar titled "Neural Dynamics in Neuroscience and Machine Learning".
Apr 6
G. La Camera published a paper in Cell Reports on the link between behavioral performance and metastable neural activity in prefrontal cortex.
Mar 20
G. La Camera gave talk on metastable activity in cortex at AMS section meeting.
Feb 24-26
Memming Park's group will have three posters at COSYNE 2021.
Feb 23
Memming Park is hosting the COSYNE 2021 tutorial session: Lecture by Kanaka Rajan. TAs include Ayesha Vermani and Josue Nassar from Memming's group.
Feb 5
Braden Brinkman's group has published a new study in PLOS Computational Biology modeling aging in visual cortex.

Nov 12
Nov 10
Oct 28
Sep 4
Giancarlo La Camera is the new director of CNCD!
May 28
CNCD wins a NIH BRAIN initiative grant! Check out the news release
Jan 27-31
Giancarlo La Camera co-organizes the Simons Center Workshop on Physics of Neural Circuits and Network Dynamics

November 12
October 23
Memming Park will have several posters at the DeepMath conference 
September 17-18
Giancarlo LaCamera organizes Bernstein conference workshop on Cortical Computations via Metastable Activity
September 2
August 29
May 2
April 26
April 25
April 5
April 1


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