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In the Spotlight - Pasquale Giaquinto, '18
Winter 2017 Pasquale

Meet Pasquale Giaquinto, a current senior in Civil Engineering and Stony Brook's ASCE Chapter President. Pasquale is a hardworking student and we are proud of the successes he has experienced while at SBU. We wish him the best of luck with the concrete canoe competition this coming spring and of course his last year with us. Keep up the good work, Pasquale!
What would you like to do after graduation?  

After graduation in May 2018, I would like to attend graduate school while working in a structural engineering field. 
What has it been like so far to be President of the Stony Brook University Chapter of ASCE?  What has the club planned for this year?
Being president of the Stony Brook University Chapter of ASCE has been eye-opening, and an amazing experience. I never imagined myself being the president or leader of anything, and greatly appreciate the opportunity this presidency entitles. Since I have been with the chapter since I first transferred to Stony Brook from Suffolk County Community College in 2015, I have seen it grow from about five members to approximately 100 members. In addition, I was present for the chapter when it was inaugurated into ASCE officially. I also have been working on the Concrete Canoe Competition from the beginning. Seeing the growth of the chapter every year has really motivated me and our executive board to bring the best opportunities we can give the club.
This year, ASCE was officially recognized by the Undergraduate Student Government, which has enabled us to create more events, advance our goals with our concrete mix for the canoe and promote our chapter outside of the university. I'm excited to annouce that we will have a painted rock soon in the Engineering Quad. Furthermore we are creating ASCE shirts for the first time, and organize tours to affiliated civil engineering firms and organizations. One field trip the chapter took recently was to Island Company Exteriors in Calverton, NY, which is a structural firm focused on making load-bearing wall panels for various building types.  Our ASCE chapter is also organizing a tour to a water well-drilling site in Farmingville, NY by Suffolk Countywater Authority. Lastly, we are also working on setting up a site visit to Stony Brook's own construction site of the Union building that is currently under renovation.
Of course, with so many student members, we can also spend time focusing on the ASCE Annual Concrete Canoe Competition, which will be held in April 2018. We are also planning on hosting professional speakers to introduce students and the campus community to the civil engineering profession. 
What are some challenges you have faced as the President of the Stony Brook University Chapter of ASCE? How do you manage all your duties as a president of a large club and still manage your coursework?
PasqualeSome challenges I have faced as President this year has been coordinating events with other offices on campus and the ability to support the new class of underclassmen members, which has been over 60 members this year. I can only attribute my success to my time management skills that I've developed throughout college, mosty at SBU. While president of the ASCE student chapter, I've primarily learned how to delegate tasks to my executive board. Our e-board supports one another very well, with a healthy dose of ambition thrown in, which inspire me every day. 
What advice do you have for new CIV students who are in their first or second years of college?  
My advice is to keep seeking inspiration. Get involved as early as possible, and expose yourself to every specialization of Civil Engineering. This major is known to be very difficult in college, especially here at Stony Brook Univeristy. It is important to remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, where you will find yourself as a trained engineering at the end. Always seek help. One thing I have noticed with our department is the immense assistance, and interaction they provide students. 
What is the biggest thing you’ve learned in the last several years or throughout your college career?
The biggest thing I have learned throughout my college career is to simply do what you like and to do it honestly. 
Fun Facts!
Favorite Food- Penne Alla Vodka
Favorite Bands- Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves
Favorite Season- Fall
Favorite Hobby- playing drums for over 5 years
Sisters/Brothers- I have one older sister
Nicknames- I have been called Pat, Patsy, Pas, PQ, Squal, etc. Basically, whatever you can think of has been said to me at one point.
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