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Civil Engineering Students Create a Lighthouse

Carolyn Carrera, an inspirational and creative civil engineering student, came up with the wonderful idea to build a lighthouse for her laboratory class, CIV 340. Below, she shares with us what inspired her to create this lighthouse and the purpose of her finished product: 

"The lighthouse was an awesome project to work on. My lab group Zephrine Gabriel, Fahmida Rahman, Dylan Tracy, and I came up with the idea when we had to design some sort of art project for CIV 340. Living on Long Island is such a blessing and Long Island is well known for its beaches and especially the Montauk Lighthouse. We decided to do something nautical themed and realized a lighthouse was the perfect project that could turn out beautifully and capture the essence of the Island. As far as purpose goes we decided it would just be a decoration, maybe for a garden or at the end of a driveway. I was able to take it home and paint it, (I painted it like the Montauk Lighthouse), and it is currently at the end of my driveway next to a big anchor and some wooden dock piles. It looks really good with the whole nautical theme." 

We are grateful for her time and for reaching out to us to show the final product and we wish her a successful school year!