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Welcome Newest Faculty, Staff and Students


Dr. Marija Krstic joins us this year as a full-time faculty member as an Assistant Professor of Practice. She came to us after completing a post-doctoral research position at City University of New York (CCNY). Dr. Krstic earned her B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in civil engineering with an emphasis in structural engineering. She obtained her Ph.D. degree from CCNY, specializing in structural and materials engineering. The focus of Dr. Krstic’s research is the characterization (macro-, micro-, and nano level) of advanced, sustainable materials in concrete structures. Her research and practical experience is motivated by the goal of introducing new sustainable materials and technologies into the construction industry. Dr. Krstic is teaching several undergraduate and graduate courses this fall term and will teach several more next term. Welcome aboard, Dr. Krstic!

Ms. Maria Moore has many years of advising experience at Stony Brook University and is our new CIV Undergraduate Program Coordinator. Ms. Moore is located in the Engineering Building with CEAS Advising, but has been assigned to help our department with general undergraduate advising, course permissions, holds and form submissions to name a few. We are especially grateful to have her help and experience as the department continues to grow.

Dr. Maria Torregrosa Galindo is our newest instructor for CIV 342, the Civil Engineering Hydraulics Lab. Dr. Torregrosa Galindo earned her Ph.D. in Fluid Mechanics Engineering from Seville University in Spain. Her research highlights include initiating the research framework on harvesting oil from biomass through fast pyrolysis in Gas Solid Vortex Reactors and conducting experimental research in parabolic flights studying micro gravity behavior of fluids, conducted as part of the European Space Program. Welcome, Dr. Torregrosa Galindo, we know that students in CIV 342 will benefit from your expertise.

We look forward to working with and  meeting all of our new undergraduate and graduate students. This is the largest class of graduate students we have admitted since the graduate program formally began Fall 2016. We are looking forward to seeing our students grow academically and be ready for a successful careers in civil engineering practice and research.

new graduate students

(From L to R: Tao Xiang, Ph.D. Candidate in Coastal Engineering, Gang Wang, Ph.D. Candidate in Systems Engineering, Lucas Annink, M.S. Student studying Structural Engineering, Fanjian Wang, Ph.D. Candidate in Environmental Engineering and  Chenyu Zhang, Ph.D. Candidate in Systems Engineering