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Become a Peer Mentor to New Civil Engineering Students

Become a peer mentor and you will truly help a new civil engineering student navigate the complexities of being a new student at a large research university! It is such a pivotal moment in their undergraduate career and you will also have an opportunity to learn new skills from the experience, such as leadership and time management. You may also make a life-long friend while celebrating your mentee's successes. The confidence that new students gain is an added bonus; you make such a difference as a mentor. More details below!


The CEAS Peer Mentoring Program assists first year and transfer students in their transition to Stony Brook University. Peer mentors encourage academic, social, and community involvement and facilitate student access to campus resources and activities. The Peer Mentoring Program fosters a sense of community and positive connections among the students, staff, and faculty of CEAS and the greater Stony Brook University Campus. For more information about the CEAS Peer Mentor Program, please visit the Peer Mentor website or contact Michael Glick at


To apply to become a CEAS Peer Mentor, please fill out the application here.


The deadline to apply is Friday, April 2nd by 4PM. 


bryan chan

"The CEAS Peer Mentoring Program is a great opportunity for incoming freshmen to make sure they will always have someone to go to for anything! For current students, it's a great opportunity to meet new people and host events for the community. I personally enjoy being able to help our mentees especially during these times to help them stay informed and involved."


Bryan Chan, '21
CIV Peer Mentor 


"When I was a freshman, my WISE mentor alleviated a lot of the stress I had entering this new chapter of my life. Because of the support I had, I decided to become a CEAS Peer Mentor to assist the incoming freshmen with their transition from high school to college. The CEAS Peer Mentor program provides first-year students with a community and many resources to help them succeed in their college journey. It allows you to connect with other students in your major as well as with upperclassmen who can provide you with advice."


Samantha Madray, '22
CIV Peer Mentor



bryan chan"During my freshman year, I had so many questions about navigating through college and getting involved. I was fortunate to have help from upperclassmen in ASCE and I felt that I could pay it forward by becoming a CEAS peer mentor. The CEAS peer mentorship program allows incoming freshman to get advice from other students who were once in their shoes. I loved getting to know my mentees and I am happy that I was able to help them to the best of my ability.”


Richie Ng, '22
CIV Peer Mentor