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The Center for Finance Cluster is part of an Interdisciplinary Faculty Cluster Hiring Initiative, undertaken in accordance with SUNY 2020 plan to hire 250 faculty members. The interdisciplinary faculty cluster hires are aimed at addressing society’s most vexing challenges through the collaboration of natural, life, and social sciences; technology; medicine; humanities; policy; business; and the arts. The positions are designated for faculty members whose research and teaching interests are interdisciplinary. The goals of this initiative are to strategically place Stony Brook University on the emerging frontiers of research and knowledge and to enhance
our ability to shape new fields of discovery, learning and engagement.

Center for Finance (CF) will focus on research in investment and financial regulation. In the private sector, financial firms embrace interdisciplinarity, hiring mathematicians, physicists, economists, and statisticians to work together on increasingly complex problems that require increasingly sophisticated theoretical analysis, institutional knowledge, data analysis and computational power. The CF will parallel the industry model, growing finance research at Stony Brook by combining strengths in business, economics, applied mathematics, statistics, probability, data science, and computer science to produce cutting-edge research encompassing the three main financial methodologies: empirical, quantitative and theoretical.