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Daniel Holewienko
Executive Director, Big Data and Business Intelligence
Henry Schein

Daniel Holewienko is a 20+ year experienced Technology Executive in the Healthcare, Financial Services, Media, Education, and Retail industries. He started his career in software development and later focused on overall Technology Strategy, Transformation, and Management in mid to large-size regional and global organizations. Along the way, Dan has held Managing Director, Executive Director, Director, VP, CTO, and CIO titles at firms such as Seiko, CIT Group, WNET-Channel Thirteen, Lord Abbett & Co, Kaplan, Northwell Health System, Marlabs, and Henry Schein. He has also been contracted to coach and directed IT and business executives in technology transformation and strategy in such firms as Practising Law Institute, Mizuho Securities, Univision, Roundabout Theater, AppNexus, International Rescue Committee, Ryder, and other brand names clients as Managing Direct of TBT Management Consulting. Dan is presently the Executive Director, Big Data and Business Intelligence at Henry Schein, where he is boot-strapping their Big Data program to consolidate internal and external data globally and use advanced ML & AI technologies, data science, and advance analytics to create higher customer value and new business opportunities. Dan is an active member of the New York Chapter CTO Club and author of numerous industry articles. He has been a guest speaker, panelist, and moderator at dozens of user groups and conferences throughout his career. Dan holds a BA from CUNY and several management and tech-related accreditations/certifications.

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The Drive to Healthcare 4.0 through Big Data, Analytics, ML, Cloud, and IoT Enablement

Healthcare operations and clinical care over the last 40 years has greatly evolved…from Healthcare 1.0, with manual medical and clinical processes, physical medical records, and non-existent or limited local tech…to Healthcare 2.0, where tech improves, EMRs emerge, and integration and HIEs afford improved access and speed to patient information (mins/secs vs hours/days). However, patient experience and patient info are still largely disjunct…to Healthcare 3.0, being more patient-centric, and having payers, providers, and patient data merged to promote “patient shepherding”. Single view of the patient emerges along with managed care services driven by payers…to Healthcare 4.0, which leverages Industry 4.0 enablers (list below) to drive much high customer focus, superior patient experience, self-service, distributed healthcare, and point of presence monitoring.

  • The goal being much improved predictive care with close to “friction-less” workflow…Enablers Employed:

    Big Data, Advanced Analytics,  MLand AI
  • Mobile devices
  • Internet of Things (IoT) platforms
  • Location detection technologies
  • Advanced human-machine interfaces
  • Authentication and fraud detection
  • Smart sensors
  • Multilevel customer interaction and customer profiling
  • Augmented reality/ wearables
  • Fog, Edge and Cloud computing

Come join us for this session where we will talk about the promise of Healthcare 4.0 and how the enablers of Big Data, Analytics, ML, Cloud, and IoT are reshaping the patient experience and the quality and cost of healthcare. We will provide two real-world use cases and a live working demo of Healthcare 4.0 in action.

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Joining Dan will be two colleagues from Marlabs, Inc. Sanjay Bhakta , VP and Global Head of Enterprise Solutions, and Amit Phatak , Principal Architect.  

Sanjay Bhakta
Vice President and Global Head of Enterprise Solutions
Marlabs, Inc.

Sanjay Bhakta has over 25+ years of Software Engineering experiences including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, MicroServices, Network Flow, Performance analysis, Quality Engineering, RPA, SOA, and Stochastic Optimization. His engineering pedigree stems from Bell Labs where he held various technical lead roles aligned to the Optical Networking division developing Next Generation Solutions for today’s traffic. As a seasoned technology executive, he’s led digital transformation solutions and service offerings across multiple verticals such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Telecom, enabling significant revenue realization and cost optimization and also credited with patents that have further disrupted financial services. Currently, Sanjay’s the Global Head of Enterprise Solutions with Marlabs, where he’s a trusted advisor to the C-Suite for various Fortune 100 & 500 enterprises, leading digital strategies utilizing AI/ML and industry thought leader.

Amit Phatak
Principal Architect
Marlabs, Inc

Leader with two decades of experience leading teams delivering business solutions and outcomes to F500 companies, Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups. Amit has broad experience in the IT services industry that includes management, consulting and delivery across multiple verticals. He also has entrepreneurial experience in product development. At Marlabs, Amit leads the AI & Cognitive Sciences practice. His team has created and works on an AI & Cognitive Computing Platform called mAdvisor, that aims to automate the entire cycle of data analysis & machine learning, without any manual intervention. Amit holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Pune University and several Machine Learning and Deep Learning certifications.