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Campus Operations and Maintenance provides many functions in support of the University, and is comprised of the following shops that operate, maintain, preserve and manage the University's buildings and grounds: 

Building Services Icon

BUILDING SERVICES:  24/7 operation responsible for the general cleaning of ALL BUILDINGS on campus as well as additional services including  recycling, snow removal from building entrances, special event setup / break down and relamping

Carpentry Icon

CARPENTRY: responsible for all carpentry-related needs across campus including ceiling, door and window repairs / installations, floor tile installations, SIGN MAINTENANCE and minor construction projects


Central Heating and Cooling Plants Icon

central heating and cooling plants:  24/7 operation responsible for controlling and monitoring the generation of steam at a Cogeneration Plant which feeds two localized plants (one on west campus, and one on east campus). this steam is delivered across campus via underground piping to heat and cool campus buildings year-round 

Contract Management Icon

contract management: responsible for each maintenance and service contract at the university including facilities' fleet management, elevators / escalators, ada automatic doors, glass replacement of windows and doors, hvac and building maintenance, as well as other special projects

Electrical Icon

ELECTRICAL:  responsible for the maintenance and repair of all electrical systems across campus including  interior and exterior building lighting, motion detection lighting systems, lighting controls for lecture halls, hvac motor controllers and transformers, electrical distribution panels, and ADA doors


Grounds Maintenance Icon

GROUNDS MAINTENANCE:  responsible for the overall appearance and maintenance of campus roads and grounds to include maintenance of all horticultural materials, watering, pruning, leaf collection, campus fountain and irrigation systems, storm drains and snow removal


Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning:  responsible for maintaining and controlling all hvac equipment including hvac control systems, high temperature hot water / chilled water systems

Plumbing Icon

PLUMBING: responsible for the maintenance and repair of campus restroom fixtures, domestic hot and cold water systems, sanitary and chemical waste systems, natural gas lines, and fire sprinkler systems 

Carpentry Icon

UTILITIES DISTRIBUTION: responsible for Stony Brook University's two sources of electric power (utility grid and cogeneration plant) including the operation, maintenance and service of all high-voltage distribution equipment, emergency generators and natural gas distribution systems