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Evangelos Coutsiasc

Professor, Ph.D., 1979
California Institute of Technology

Evangelos Coutsias' research has focused on the modeling of nonlinear systems and continua, using techniques of applied mathematics on problems motivated from applied physics, engineering and biology. These includeasymptotics and perturbation methods for the study of stability and bifurcation phenomena in plasma physics, biology and fluid mechanics; high accuracy numerical spectral methods for solving PDEs arising in continuum mechanics; and robust numerical methods for systems of multivariate polynomials for the solution of problems of inverse kinematics arising in molecular structure studies. His present work is on the development of computational methods for the study of protein structure, especially on the kinematic geometry of protein backbones subject to constraints. Current interests focus on the refinement of protein structure and the development of computational geometric methods for the efficient exploration of macromolecular shapespaces with application to protein design and drug discovery.

Office: Math Tower 1-119
Phone: 631-632-1822