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It's All About People:

Scicomm Insights with Virginia Schutte

An honest and heartfelt conversation with ecologist and science communicator Virginia Schutte, PhD., addressing burning questions like...

"What does it mean to succeed outside academia?"

"How can I leverage digital media to share science?"

"How do I reach people who normally wouldn't engage with science on their own?"

"Is there a secret to balancing motherhood and a career in science communication?"

"How can business marketing strategies help expand my reach in science communication?"

...and more!


Links to topics discussed in show:

Virginia's blog post, The Emotional Side of Leaving Academia.

Changes to the rate of PhD graduates becoming primary investigators.

Tweet thread with advice to make leaving academia easier.



Virginia Schutte, PhD

Virginia is an award-winning storyteller, consultant, and trainer who is unstoppably and loudly enthusiastic about how science makes life better. Since earning her Ecology Ph.D. in 2014, she has worked to diversify how people interact with science online. She has created and led digital engagement programs, designed communications strategies, and trained scientists to identify and meet their communications goals. She is working to shape the field of science communication by designing, securing funding for, and running advanced science communication career development programs.

Ellice Wallace, MS

Ellice I. A. Wallace is a science communication specialist with the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. She runs The Link, the Center’s platform dedicated to bridging the gap between science communication research and practice through connecting researchers, trainers, and others interested in scicomm to the field’s latest developments. Ellice has a particular interest in sharing the beauty of science through compelling visuals. On her own platform, The Neuro Aesthetic, Ellice combines her interest and background in neuroscience with her interest in aesthetics to engage others in the field and its beauty.

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