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Policies and Procedures

Students who have been found responsible for violating academic integrity and, as a consequence, have been assigned a Q grade:

  • May not graduate with University honors. Requests for exceptions to this policy for students with majors in the College of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, School of Journalism, the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences and Stony Brook Southampton are reviewed by the University's Academic Integrity Officer. No exceptions will be made for students who have one or more permanent Q grades on their academic record.

  • Who are recipients of University scholarships will be ineligible to receive their scholarships moving forward. Successful completion of the Q course does not allow students to regain their eligibility. Request for exceptions for students, found responsible of academic dishonesty, but not expelled or suspended, will have an opportunity to appeal after they have successfully completed the Q Course and the Q grade has been removed from their academic record. Students who are granted an appeal will lose scholarship eligibility for those terms beginning with the Q grade term and including all subsequent terms prior to the removal of the Q grade, up until the appeal has been granted. Read here for more info.

  • Cannot withdraw or G P/NC from the course in question. If a student has withdrawn from the course, he/she will be reinstated into the course until this matter is resolved. If a student is found responsible of violating academic integrity (and assigned a Q grade), this assignment of the Q grade will nullify any previous submissions for withdrawals and Pass/No Credit options. However, if a student is found not responsible for violating academic integrity by the academic judiciary committee, then his/her withdrawal or G P/NC option will be processed; otherwise, the student will receive a final letter grade in the course as mentioned in the Policies and Procedures Governing Undergraduate Student Academic Dishonesty.