Summer Sessions

Make the Most of Your Summer

Summer Sessions boasts a diverse student population combining SBU current students with visitors from other universities, newly admitted students, and high school students. Get ahead, and still have time to play. Every summer, we offer more than 500 courses in 60 subjects.

Flexible Summer Sessions Schedules

Summer Sessions courses are offered in a variety of formats: on-campus at Stony Brook, Manhattan, or Southampton, study abroad, online, independent study, and academic internships. The flexible schedule is designed to make it convenient for you to fit a course into your summer plans.

summer session dates
Summer Session 1:
May 27 - July 5, 2014
Summer Session 2:
July 7 - August 16, 2014
Extended Session 1:
May 27 - July 17, 2014
Extended Session 2:
June 30 - August 16, 2014
online courses

SB Manhattan

Study Abroad



International Summer School

Stony Brook University’s summer programs are open to international students, providing a premier academic experience and the opportunity to live and learn alongside global peers.

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