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Application Process

Application Process

  1. Obtain forms from the locations below:
  2. Schedule an EAP appointment
  3. Complete and return the Hardship Fund application to the appropriate office. You will be required to verify hardship. It is helpful to provide documentation, such as pertinent bills or letters, and attach it to your application. All information will be held in confidence.
  4. Meet with an EAP staff member. Other financial or community resource may also be offered.

Review Process

  1. With the applicant's written permission, a staff member presents the Hardship Fund application and supporting documentation to the Hardship Fund Committee.
  2. The Hardship Fund Committee carefully reviews the application and decides whether or not the application is approved. The committee may request additional documentation or information prior to rendering a decision.
  3. EAP will notify the applicant of the Hardship Fund Committee's decision within 24 hours of the committee meeting.

Disbursement of Funds

  1. If approved, a check will be made payable to the creditor or to the applicant for assistance with personal items such as food, clothing, transportation, etc.
  2. Arrangements will be made for the applicant to receive funds as soon as possible.

What Should I Do If I Don't Qualify?

The EAP Office can offer guidance and work with applicants in helping them exercise other options and access resources.

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