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Located in Humanities 2005, the Program in Writing and Rhetoric offers the composition and rhetoric courses that fulfill the writing requirement at Stony Brook. You can learn more about these courses--WRT 101, WRT 102, WRT 200, WRT 302 and WRT 303-- by visiting the "Courses" section of our pages.

The Program in Writing and Rhetoric also offers courses for those who have completed their writing requirement: WRT 302 Critical Writing Seminar: Special Topics, and WRT 303 The Personal Essay. In addition, we offer a grammar review course, WRT 200 Grammar and Style for Writers. To prepare future tutors and teachers of writing, we offer WRT 392 Theories and Methods of Mentoring Writers.

At the graduate level, we offer an advanced certificate in Teaching Writing.


We also offer Independent Studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels.



Faculty Spotlight 

Join us Tuesday, May 3, 2016 in Humanities 1008, 12:00-2:00 PM as part of the CAS Faculty New Book Roundtable Lunch Series.

 Rita Nezami presentation

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