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Author and alum Christopher Grant 
speaks about his experiences writing and publishing. 
This writing workshop & discussion will involve
sociopolitical pressures, gender roles and
stereotypes, family, and culturalism. 
WGSS Associate Professor Liz Montegary
joins the panel discussion.
Thursday, February 22nd @ 5:00 p.m.
(location TBD)
Me Too March

News and Announcements

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Save the Date: 
Friday, April 6th
A WGSS Graduate Student Conference
Keynote: Jennifer Nash, Northwestern University
SBU Statesman article addresses the topic of sexual harassment in academia in response to the #MeToo movement.  WGSS faculty members Vicky Hesford and Teri Tiso share their thoughts, along with many other SB faculty members.  Read the full article here.
The WGSS Department would like to officaly congratulate and welcome Nicole Lado as our first department ambassador! Nicole will be doing important work, including promoting the WGSS program on campus and beyond, and building a community among WST majors, minors and other WGSS allies at Stony Brook.  Welcome, Nicole! We are so happy to have you with us! Read more about the WGSS Program Ambassador Internship here.
Congratulations to our December 2017 graduates: Giselle Hill, Jenna Martuscello, Joseph Seck, Jennifer Calix, and Moyse Romane! 
WGSS major Nicole Lado is honored with an Academic Acheivement Award for having completed four semesters with a perfect 4.0 GPA.  WGSS Professor Lisa Diedrich was on hand to congratulate Nicole.  See more here
Grace Drewes, B.A. in Women's & Gender Studies and Political Science ('13), has accepted a position as Administrative Business Partner for Google's Policy Team in Washington, D.C .. Read more here
Professor Lisa Diedrich (WGSS) and Assistant Professor Benjamin Tausig (Music) author a New York Times Op-Ed, "Mysterious Sounds and Scary Illnesses as Political Tools." Read the full article here
WGSS professor Teri Tiso (and former SBU Volleyball Coach) is honored with the "Most Valuable Professor" (MVP) award by Stony Brook student-athletes.  Congrats, Teri!! 


The department offers a Bachelor of Arts, Minor, Combined Undergraduate Degree with a Master in Public Health (MPH), and a Graduate Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies. 
WGSS administers the PhD and MA in Cultural Analysis and Theory, Women's and Gender Studies Track.  
PhD Program
MA Program
Undergraduate Degree (BA)
Combined Undergraduate Degree (BA/MPH)
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