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Past Spring 2018 Performances

chinese new year performanceChinese New Year
Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 3:00–4:30 PM
Charles B. Wang Center Theatre

In celebration of Chinese New Year, the Confucius Institute offers a must-see magic show, Chinese dance, folk songs, and Peking opera! The celebration also includes traditional Lunar New Year craft activities from China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. Enjoy our cultural offerings and stay late for our grand finale dinner.

Co-presented with the Confucius Institute at Stony Brook University.

Note: The admission fee covers ONLY the Chinese New Year performance at the theater. If you would like to join the Lunar New Year Family activities, please sign up for the Lunar New Year here.

confucius institute



Lunar New Year: The Year of Rooster
Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 2:00 – 6:00 PM
Charles B. Wang Center Chapel and Theatre Lobby




Past Fall 2017 Performances

Nataraja Vandanam performanceNataraja Vandanam: Love Songs to Shiva
Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 4–5:30 PM
Charles B. Wang Center Theatre

Choreographed by Mallika Sarabhai, the Darpana Performing Group will perform Nataraja Vandanam: Love Songs to Shiva. Four dexterous Indian dancers bring to the Wang Center a performance of traditional Bharata Natyam, a major genre of Indian classical dance for the Lord of the Dance, Shiva Nataraja. The great Hindu god Shiva has many representations in art, but perhaps the most familiar is as a dancing figure within a circle of fire.

Co-presented with the Mattoo Center for Indian Studies at Stony Brook University.

 center for india studies


Puppet performanceTwo Persian Tales: Shadow Puppet Performance with Live Music
Sunday, October 15, 2017 at 4 PM
Charles B. Wang Center Theatre

Two Persian Tales intertwines the mediums of sharp-silhouette shadow puppetry and live vocal and piano music. "The Story of the Parrot and the Merchant" and "The Ant Who Saw a Pen" are stories drawn from The Masnavi, an epic poem by the celebrated 13th-century Persian Sufi poet Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi. Rumi's work, written in beautiful verse, creatively addresses weighty philosophical, spiritual, and moral arguments. Two Persian Tales will be performed by puppeteers Suzanne Borderies and Caroline Borderies, narrator David McCorkle, vocalist Sarah Paar, and pianist Mirna Lekić.



Fairytale performanceFairytale: A Creative and Traditional Korean Music Group
Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 4 PM
Charles B. Wang Center Theatre

Founded in 2011, Fairytale is a Korean music band that uses a hybrid style to keep traditional music alive while seeking to create music with pure sensibility. Fairytale's music is inspired by traditional Korean poems and songs, and they are major contributors to the popularization of Korean traditional music. At the same time, Fairytale promotes contemporaneity and popularity, transforming the old and conservative image of Korean traditional music to promote a place for traditional music in modern Korean pop culture.

Fairytale features Korean traditional instruments such as the daegum (a Korean bamboo flute, played by Seo Youseok), the geomungo (a Korean folk zither, played by Choi Jinyoung), and the haegum (a Korean fiddle, played by Ko Yunjin). Fairytale also includes percussions (played by Kim Kyuyoun), the piano (played by Oh Youngjin), and vocal song (by Jang Myeongseo).




Please visit here to view the past programs.

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