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Enrichment is at the core of the Stony Brook University’s Community Music Program, characterized by a commitment to education, accessibility, and community. Our programs are designed for all ages, from children to adults, and offers access to conservatory-level music instruction from one of the nation’s premier collegiate training grounds for musicians. With stellar faculty and resources, the Community Music Program is equipped to broaden your musical skills, showcase your musical growth, and above all, instill a lifelong love for music.

Summer Programs:

Chamber Music Camp
This week-long day camp will focuses on developing important chamber music skills which help young string players build confidence and acquire critical musicianship skills that can make them better orchestra players and soloists. Each day of the camp, participants will receive coachings and take part in daily seminars/demonstrations led by professional musicians and chamber music coaches.  The camp will culminate with each group performing on the final concert that will be open to the public. 

String Instrument Repair Workshop
A lab style class combining lectures, demonstrations and hands-on practical experience. This workshop allows string educators the opportunity to learn the basics of string instrument design and construction. Everyday shop procedures and maintenance techniques are demonstrated by the instructor and performed by the participants. The workshop will stress maintenance tips and shop methods for dealing the problems common with bowed string instruments.

Academic Year Programs:

4 years: 
Music Basics for Kids
With a focus on fun and exploration, Music Basics for Kids immerses preschoolers in games and exercises for a holistic learning experience. Children will absorb musical basis such as pitch, rhythm, and notation through activities involving movement and singing.

Kindergarten through 3rd grade:
Dalcroze Eurhythmics 
Imagination and creativity underline the Dalcroze method, where children will use expressive movement as a way to listen for and understand musical concepts. This method uses spontaneity, improvisation, and natural movement to help children learn the elements of music in fun and engaging ways.

6th though 12th grade:
Pre-College Division
The Pre-College Division is aimed at talented young musicians who are looking for exciting, new experiences to enrich their musical training. Students participate in chamber music performances and coachings, alongside a rich curriculum of creative and informative offerings. Students can try their hand at composition, delve into the complexities of music theory to better understand the masterworks, and develop their musical ears through aural skills courses. Not only will students emerge as stronger musicians, but they’ll also have a leg-up in college applications.


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