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Requirements for the Major in Spanish Languages and Literature (SPN) [Printable PDF here]

The major in Spanish Language and Literature leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree. All courses offered for the major must be taken for a letter grade (except that S is acceptable for SPN 211, SPN 212, and SPN 310/311 completed through Challenge examinations). All upper-division courses in Spanish must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher.

Completion of the major requires 36-42 credits, depending on language placement. A double major requires 30-36 credits (see notes 1 and 2).

See here for placement exam information.

A. Required Basic Spanish Language Courses: 

SPN 211 Intermediate Spanish I and SPN 212 Intermediate Spanish II (6 credits, or the equivalent proficiency satisfied through placement or challenge exam). 

B. Required Basic Courses: (21 credits)

1. SPN 311 Spanish Conversation and Composition (or SPN 310 Spanish Grammar and Composition for Students of Hispanic-American Background)  (See Note 3, below.)
2. SPN 312 Introduction to Literary Studies
3. SPN 321 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition

4. Three courses from:

    • SPN 395 Introduction to Spanish-American Literature I
    • SPN 396 Introduction to Spanish-American Literature II
    • SPN 397 Introduction to Spanish Literature I
    • SPN 398 Introduction to Spanish Literature II

5. SPN 393 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

C. Advanced Courses in Hispanic Linguistics, Literature, and Culture: (15 credits)

Five additional courses in upper-division SPN courses chosen in consultation with the Departmental advisor. (HUL 324 and HUS 390 are acceptable as one of these courses. A maximum of three credits of SPN 447 is applicable toward this requirement). At least three of the upper-division courses for the major must be 400-level. 300-level courses in the above list that are in excess of the required number may also count in this category.

D. Upper-Division Writing Requirement:

Beginning Fall 2014, all students who complete SPN 321, certified as per the new SBC for the category “WRTD” (Write Effectively within One’s Discipline”) will have satisfied the writing requirement.


1. Those students with enough language proficiency to satisfy requirement A will complete a total of 36 credits. The students who need to take SPN 211 and 212 will complete a total of 42 credits.

2. The Department requires transfer students to take at least 18 credits of Spanish courses in residence at Stony Brook to complete a Spanish major.

 3. Students of Spanish-speaking background may take the Challenge examination for SPN 310/311.

*Revised February 2016

For Major/Minor declaration form click here. (Form is available in specific time periods only)

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Conference by Equatorial Guinean-Spanish writer and journalist

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CAFÉ LATINO spring 2017

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Spanish Conversation and free café

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Se les invita un rico cafecito y a conversar sobre la vida.


Image from Colonial Mexico.
Nexahualpili, Lord of Texcoco (1472-1515)
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