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Searching for Products


You can search for a product, not necessarily from a specific vendor, using Shop Search.

Simple Search

Shop Search is near the top of the page. Simply type in the product you are looking for and click the magnifying glass.


Advanced Search

  • To use Advanced search, select the Advanced tab next to Simple search:

    go to: advanced search

  • You can select a search category (instead of searching Everything):

    shop category drop down menu with office/computer selected instead of Everything 


    • Specify Supplier, part number, manufacturer name:


  • Filter results by supplier, category, manufacturer. Click on one option (e.g., Applied Biosystems) or click the filter button to filter by more than one:

    filter results options showing filter category By Product Flag with green and recycled options and By Supplier category with Agilent Technologies incorporated and applied biosystems options
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