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Purchasing Non-Catalog Items


Before placing a non-catalog order, always search for the product using Shop search as this is the only way to ensure contract pricing. If you do not find the item, place the order as non-catalog as follows:

  1. Click non-catalog item from the Go to options on the home page.

    Go to: items showing, from left to right, advanced search, favorites, forms, non-catalog item, and quick order

  2. In the Non-Catalog Item pop up, enter the supplier by either typing the name and then selecting from the options or clicking supplier search and selecting the vendor there (Add a missing vendor)

  3. Be sure the selected supplier supports your funds: State funds suppliers display a blue NYS icon; Research funds suppliers display an orange circle. 

  4. Complete fields as follows:
    1. Product Description: enter product name or description
    2. Catalog No: enter catalog #
    3. Quantity: enter how many units
    4. Price: enter price estimate (e.g., 20)
    5. Packaging: enter unit of measure
    6. Check off any relevant features (e.g., Recycled, Energy Star, Toxin)
    7.  non-catalog item information completed as follows: product description: bug spray 12345; catalog no: 12345; quantity: 1; price estimate: 12; packaging: EA - Each; Commodity Code: 10191509-2210000-536000; Toxic checked off
  5. Click Save and Add Another Line to add any additional items (up to a total of 39 items)

  6. When finished adding items, add a shipping line by clicking Save and Add Another

  7. For the Shipping line, complete the information as follows:
    1. For Product Description, type Estimated Shipping
    2. For Quantity, type 1
    3. For Price Estimate, type estimated shipping cost (e.g., 20)
    4. For Packaging, select USD - US Dollar
    5. For Commodity Code, click the magnifying glass to search, type National Post in the Description contains box, click Filter, and click the blue + to the right of code 78102201-7901100-556010 

      non-catalog item data completed for shipping line. Product description: Estimated shipping; Quantity: 1; Price Estimate: 20; Packaging: USD - US Dollar; Commodity Code: 78102201-7901100-556010

  8. Click the shopping cart icon at the top of the page and click View My Cart

  9. Continue with your order (click Assign Cart if you are a Shopper; click Proceed to Checkout if you are a Requester or Approver)
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