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Purchasing from Hosted Catalog Vendors


When purchasing through Hosted Catalog vendors, you search for the items directly in WolfMart. 

  1. Click on a Hosted Catalog vendor's name

    (you'll know a vendor is Hosted Catalog if a search box displays when you click on the vendor name

    WB Mason Toner vendor with search box pop up below vendor name from showcase suppliers

    or, when browsing suppliers, the Hosted Catalog icon  "" displays)

  2. In the seach box that pop ups, type the part number or item name and click Search


    Alternatively, type the number or name in the Shop search box at the top of the page and click Go1

    Shop everything box from top of Wolfmart filled in with HP Inkjet search

  3. To the right of the item you'd like to purchase, click Add to Cart

  4. Add any other items then go to your cart by clicking the shopping cart  "" icon at the top of the page and then click View My Cart

  5. Note: For hosted catalog (and punch-out) purchases, do not add a shipping line

  6. Continue with your order (click Assign Cart if you are a Shopper; click Proceed to Checkout if you are a Requester or Approver)
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