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Ordering Radioactive Material


Radioactive material orders are processed as  non-catalog items. As always with non-catalog items,  be sure to add a shipping line

Radioactive orders are routed through Grants and EH&S for approval and follow the steps for a  non-catalog item with a few adjustments as per EH&S protocol: change the fulfillment address, check the radioactive box, and include an internal note with permit number and current stock and possession limit:

Changes When Shopping: Fulfillment Center and Radioactive

  1. After  selecting the supplier, click select different fulfillment center 


  2. Click Select to the right of the 050 RADIOACTIVE option

    050 RADIOACTIVE fulfillment center selected 

  3. In the non-catalog product options, check the box for Radioactive


  4. When you view your shopping cart, be sure you've addressed these 3 areas:
    1. 050 Radioactive fulfillment center address
    2. Radioactive symbol  ""(from checking the radioactive box)
    3. Shipping line


Changes at Check Out: Internal Notes

When  checking out, add an  internal note including

  • Permit number
  • Current stock
  • Possession limit

    internal notes and attachments showing an internal note with permit number: 123WKSE; current stock: 10; possession limit: 20
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