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Adding a Vendor/Supplier to WolfMart


About Vendors

To purchase from a vendor in WolfMart, the vendor must be in the system, meaning when you type the vendor name in the Supplier box, the vendor should appear below it:
Enter Supplier box with "Hewlett" typed in the box with two options appearing below: Hewlett Package company sb SUNY Funds and RF Funds and Hewlett Package company SUNY Funds and RF Funds

Also, the vendor must support the funds you use. That is, vendors that accept State funds display a blue NYS icon; Research Funds display a red star icon (see Hewlett Packard above).

Add a Vendor

If a vendor isn't in Wolfmart or doesn't accept your funds, you can request to add it. 

To add a vendor, first contact the vendor to verify they accept purchase orders. If they do, request to have the vendor added to WolfMart or to accept your funds by emailing and including the following:

  • W9
  • Vendor name
  • Remit To Address
  • Phone 
  • Fax (or email address for distribution)
  • Contact name
  • Please advise if you are using State or Research funds


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