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Overview of Shopping

There are many ways to shop (supplier types) in WolfMart:

  • Hosted Catalog: Catalogs for these suppliers are in Wolfmart. Most are for contract suppliers, who offer special customer service and pricing (and the pricing is checked to be sure it has centrally negotiated discounts). Some catalogs are for non-contract suppliers, whose prices aren't discounted. Hosted Catalog products show up in product search. A hosted catalog order can have up to 40 items/lines. Learn more

  • PunchOut (External Catalog): WolfMart links out to these contract suppliers' websites/catalogs, where you can search and create a cart of items. Then, when you "checkout," the items are brought back to a Wolfmart shopping cart. Punchout products are NOT included in WolfMart product search. A punchout order can have up to 40 items/lines. Learn more

  • Non-Catalog Item: Non-catalog item shopping lets you enter items not found in a hosted or punchout catalog or items for which you receive special price quotes from a supplier. Suppliers must be listed in Wolfmart. A non-catalog item order can have up to 40 items/lines. Learn more

  • Forms: Forms are used for special purchasing circumstances: Single/Sole Source Orders, Blanket Orders, Service Requests, and Non-Encumbered Payment. Learn more
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