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Purchasing with a Non-Encumbered Payment Form

Forms, found at the very bottom on the home page, allow for additional types of purchasing in Wolfmart.


Use Non-Encumbered Payment Forms for these scenarios:

State and Research Foundation

  • Federal, State or Local Government Payments
  • Membership Fees up to $50,000
  • Postage (Includes UPS and FedEx)
  • Registration Fees
  • Small Claim/Legal Payments
  • Subscriptions
  • SUNY Tuition/Overseas Academic Programs
  • US Homeland Security Payments

Research Foundation

  • Direct payment of vendor invoices up to $10,000 (RF only1)

Note that each non-encumbered payment form can only have one invoice.

  1. In the Showcased Forms section, click Non-Encumbered Payment Form

  2. Read the Non-Encumbered Payment Form Instructions on the top of the form

  3. Type the supplier name in the Enter Supplier box (or use supplier search) (Add a missing vendor)

  4. In the Non-Encumbered Payment Form section, complete these fields: Remit To Address, Requester Name, Department/Office, Building, Room Number, Zip +4, E-mail address, Office Phone, Office Fax:


  5. In the Invoice Description section, complete Supplier Inv#, Invoice Total, Voucher Date, and Description/Justification/Purpose of Purchase

  6.  For Commodity Code, click search... to find the appropriate commodity code


  7. Read the Consent section, and then check the box to agree to the terms

  8. Attach your invoice by clicking Add Attachments and choosing the file


  9. Scroll up to the top; under Available Actions, select Complete Form and Go to Cart and click Go 


  10. To make any changes to the form from your Shopping Cart, click the name of the form

  11. Continue with your order (click Assign Cart if you are a Shopper; click Proceed to Checkout if you are a Requester or Approver)

  1. State funded orders for commodities and/or services require purchase orders. Any State funded form including a vendor invoice for commodities and services will be returned to the department. 
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