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Purchasing with a Blanket Order Request Form


Forms, found at the very bottom on the home page, allow for additional types of purchasing in Wolfmart.


Use Blanket Order Request Forms to purchase goods over a specific period of time for contracted or established quantity/pricing within these limits:

  • Each request is for a period of time (no one-time purchases)
  • Each request is for a specific vendor not already included as a WolfMart Hosted or Punchout vendor
  • Requests are for goods, not services (services must use the Service Contract Form)
  • Each request must have supporting documentation (quotes, justification) attached

  State Funded Blanket Orders:

  • Estimated for entire fiscal year
  • Submitted for each vendor separately
  • Requests over $2,500 must follow appropriate SUNY Procurement procedures
  • Automatically terminate on June 30th each yaer

  Research Foundation Funded Blanket Orders:

  • Submitted for each vendor separately
  • Follow appropriate Research Foundation Procurement procedures
  • Requests for $10,000 or more must provide a written justification to Procurement
  • Order end dates must be on or before term date of designated award.
  • Automatically terminate once the estimated encumbrance has been expended (at which point a new request must be submitted)

Here's how:

  1. In the Showcased Forms section, click Blanket Order Request Form

  2. Read the Blanket Order Request Instructions on the left side of the form

  3. Type the supplier name in the Enter Supplier box (or use supplier search) (Add a missing vendor)

  4. Complete product description, start date, and end date

  5. If there was a past Blanket Order PO, enter it next to Replaces PO Number

  6. Enter Quantity as 1 and complete Total Price

  7. For Commodity Code, click search... to find the appropriate commodity code

  8. Complete Justification details as per the instructions


  9. To add an attachment (e.g., quote or any documents required for purchase), click add attachment...

  10. Scroll up to the top; under Available Actions, select Complete Form and Go to Cart and click Go


  11. To make any changes to the form from your Shopping Cart, click the name of the form

  12. Continue with your order (click Assign Cart if you are a Shopper; click Proceed to Checkout if you are a Requester or Approver)
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