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Blanket Order Request Instructions

image showing instructions as shown in Wolfmart.You will find the following instructions on the left side of the Blanket Order Request Form. Please read and follow these carefully:

This form will create a Blanket Order when purchasing commodities provided over a specific period of time for contracted or established quantity/pricing. All Blanket Order requests will be reviewed in Procurement.

State funded Blanket Order encumbrances must be estimated for an entire fiscal year and must be submitted for each vendor. State funded Blanket Order requests exceeding $2,500.00 require appropriate SUNY Procurement procedures to be followed.

Research Foundation funded Blanket Order requests also must be submitted for each vendor and must adhere to all appropriate Research Foundation Procurement procedures. For RF Blanket Order requests that are $10,000.00 and above, a written justification must be provided to the Procurement Office.

Blanket Order requests should be for expenditures with a specific vendor over a period of time, not for one-time purchases.

Blanket Order requests should not be made for Hosted or Punchout vendors in the Wolfmart Showcase.

Blanket Orders for all services must utilize the Service Contract form, not the Blanket Order form.

All Research Foundation funded Blanket Orders will terminate once the estimated encumbrance has been expended. When this occurs, a new Blanket Order request must be submitted to Procurement.

All State funded Blanket Orders will be automatically terminated on June 30th.

Research Foundation Blanket Orders cannot extend beyond the term date of the designated award.

Supporting documentation must be attached with each request (i.e. Quotes, Justifications).

For more information regarding State and Research Foundation Procurement procedures and guidelines, please visit the Procurement website.


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