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Purchasing with Forms


Forms, found at the very bottom on the home page, allow for additional types of purchasing in Wolfmart.


  • Single/Sole Source Form: For single1/sole2 source orders of commodities (not services) over $50,000 for State Funds and over $50,000 for Research Funds.  Learn more

  • Blanket Order Request Form: For purchasing goods over a specific period of time for contracted or established quantity/pricing.  Learn more

  • Non-Encumbered Payment Form:
    • Direct payment of vendor invoices up to $10,000 (Research Foundation only3)
    • Federal, State or Local Government Payments
    • Membership Fees up to $50,000
    • Postage (Includes UPS and FedEx)
    • Registration Fees
    • Small Claim/Legal Payments
    • Subscriptions
    • SUNY Tuition/Overseas Academic Programs
    • US Homeland Security Payments 

Learn more 

  1. Single: "Equipment is to be integrated with a currently owned system of the same manufacturer" or "The supplies/materials are for an ongoing project, to change manufacturers will have adverse effects"

  2. Sole: "The supplies/equipment/services are available only from one supplier"  

  3. State funded orders for commodities and/or services require purchase orders. Any State funded form including a vendor invoice for commoditiies and services will be returned to the department. 
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