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Determining if a PO was Paid

Find out if a PO was paid in the Voucher tab:

  1. Find the PO

  2. Click the Vouchers tab

    Voucher Screenshot 

  3. Next to each voucher number, you will see various information. Under Payment Status, check the status of the voucher. Paid = PO has been paid; Payable = PO not yet paid 

    voucher information

  4. Click on the Voucher No. for more information about the individual voucher

  5. In the Summary tab, find information on

    • Note: Notes sometimes indicate whether PO is ok to pay (i.e., goods were received); can also indicate that full payment was received
    • Payment Status again
    • Payment Status Information: Shows when and how PO was paid (note that checks can take 7-10 days to reach vendors)

      no value/Unknown = PO not yet paid
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