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Accessing Purchase Orders

A Purchase Order (PO) is a contract issued to a seller as an offer to buy products or services. A PO tracks information about the purchase including quantities, payment, shipping, etc. 

Once you've found a specific PO, you can

Find a PO

  1. Click on  Orders & Documents icon in the left menu, select Document Search and then Search Documents

  2. In the Search options, select Purchase Orders, fill in any search terms (PO number, supplier name, product information) and/or dates, and click Go

    Alternatively, in the Go to section below search, click my purchase orders to view all


  3. In the search results, view quick information on the PO's status in the Settlement Status* column


    Statuses include: Fully Invoiced, Partially Invoiced, Received, Matched, No Matches

  4. Access full PO information by clicking on the PO No


  5. The PO information will display

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