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Overview of Checking out

Once a shopping cart is complete, the next step is Check Out, which must be completed by a Requester or Approver. Those with Shopper access must first Assign the Cart, however if this is the first time in the Wolfmart System, please make sure you complete the ship to address for Central Receiving, if you work in HSC or West Campus.  If you are off-site, such as in Southampton or Hauppauge, type in the city, then click search and select.  Your name & email address will pop up. Please add your telephone # and make sure you save for future use. Your default address can be saved in your WolfMart profile.

When viewing a cart, Requesters and Approvers can simply click Proceed to Checkout.

When Checking out, there are several parts; each section under Draft delineates a specific step to be completed. Any sections that are linked in blue need attention. Simply click on the link to open the section:


Check these areas in particular when checking out:

  1. Shipping

  2. Accounting Codes

  3. Notes and Attachments

  4. Final Review
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