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Checking out and Shipping

Once you Proceed to Checkout, you'll need to complete Ship To and Deliver To information.

In My Profile, you set your default Ship To and Deliver To addresses; you can also enter information, or override defaults, at checkout.

All orders (with the exception of off-site orders) go first to Central Receiving; desktop orders are then delivered to your building. Thus, for all but off-site deliveries, use Central Receiving as the Ship To address. 

Ship To Address

  1. To the right of Shipping, click the pencil icon to edit


  2. In the Address Search box, type the name of the location (e.g., Central Receiving) and click the magnifying glass to search

  3. Click the correct address and ensure the circle to the left is filled in

  4. Continue on to complete the Deliver To address

Deliver To Address

Use the Deliver To address to indicate where orders should go after Central Receiving. If you're using the default Building and Room from My Profile, you can skip these steps:

  1. In the shipping information at checkout, scroll down to Deliver To

  2. Under Building, type the building name (e.g., Ward Melville) and select the building that appears in the dropdown

  3. Under Room, type the room number in the value box and click Search

    If the room is in the HSC levels 1-9, enter the level before the room number with a dash between: for example, for level 5 room 123, enter 5-123. For level 10 or above, enter the level and the room number without the dash: for example, for level 11 room 543, enter 11543.

    If you're using an offsite location, type N/A (in capital letters)

  4. Select the correct room number from the dropdown

Delivery Options

Freight Terms (e.g., shipping paid or due) need to be changed for vendors displaying a freight terms icon. You can also modify the Requested Delivery Date to a future date. 

  1. To the right of Delivery Options, click edit

  2. If thefreight terms icon displays  next to the vendor name, for Freight Terms, click the blue arrow and choose Paid from the menu

  3. To modify the Requested Delivery Date, click the calendar icon and click the desired future delivery date

  4. Click Save
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