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Checking out and Final Review 

  1. When checking out, you will notice a column on the right titled Draft. Here, it will list what you need to input in order to place your order. To fix these issues, simply click on each item.

    final review

    1. For Information Technology, Accessibility and Security Review, click on the item.

    2. Select Yes if the purchase is an equipment purchase over $1500 or computer purchase over $500; otherwise, select No


    3. Click Update

  2. If there are any other issues, they will display under the Draft column. Address any additional issues

  3. When there are no issues, continue by clicking Place Order (if you are a Requestor or Approver) or Assign Cart (if you are a Shopper)

  4. Once you've submitted the requisition, you'll see a confirmation message including summary information. For more, click the requisition number to view the Requisition

    pr summary
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