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Approvals and Purchase Requisitions (PR) 

Approvals in Wolfmart allow approvers to work with Purchase Requisitions (PRs) to approve, make changes, return to requisitioner, or reject PRs.

Access Approvals

  1. Click on  Orders & Documents icon in the left menu, select Document Search and then Search Documents

  2. In the Search options, select Requisitions, fill in any search terms (PR number, supplier name, product information) and/or dates, and click Go


  3. In the list of results, click on the Requisition No. of the PR


 Approve a PR

  1. From the Requisition Summary tab, look over the PR


  2. In the Summary tab, check that the Requested Delivery Date is a date in the future (if the date isn't in the future, a yellow alert box will display). If not, change the date:
    1. Select edit in the Delivery Options section


    2. Enter or select a new, future date and click Save

  3. Any additional issues will display near the top in the yellow alert. Address any issues. When there are no other issues, from Available Actions near the top right, select Approve/complete step and click Go


Make Changes to or Return a PR

  1. From Available Actions, select Assign to myself and click Go

    Available actions menu showing options add comment, add notes to history, assign to myself, approve/complete step & show next, approve/complete step, and copy to new cart 

  2. You will then have more options: 
    • To return the PR to the requisitioner, from Available Actions, select Return to Requisitioner and click Go
    • To edit yourself, make any changes by clicking edit next to the section to change
    • To cancel the PR, select Reject Requisition and click Go

      available actions menu showing options: approve/complete & show next, Approve/Complete step, Return to Shared Folder, Place PR on Hold, Return to Requisitioner, Forward to... Add Comment, Add Notes to History, Copy to New Cart, and Reject Requisition
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