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Approvals and Purchase Requisitions (PR) 

Approvals in Wolfmart allow approvers to work with Purchase Requisitions (PRs) to approve, make changes, return to requisitioner, or reject PRs.

Access Approvals

  1. Click the flag icon in the top right corner to access pending approvals


  2. Go to Orders >Approvals and select Requisitions to Approve or Purchase Orders to Approve


 Approve a PR

  1. From the Requisition Summary tab, look over the PR 
  2. Any additional issues will display near the top in blue text. Address any issues by clicking the text. When there are no other issues, from the dropdown menu in the top right corner, select Approve


    If you have multiple requisitions to approve, you can choose Approve & Next, which will automatically take you to the next approval
  3. You can also access this menu in the dropdown at the top left corner of the screen, next to the requisition number


Make Changes to or Return a PR

  1. From the dropdown, select Assign to Myself


  2. You will then have more options: 
    • To return the PR to the requisitioner, from the dropdown, select Return to Requisitioner
    • To edit yourself, make any changes by clicking the pencil next to the section to change
    • To cancel the PR, select Reject Requisition
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