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Understanding the WolfMart Home Page

The WolfMart home page has several sections


The left and top toolbars allow for easy access to WolfMart functions:

Wolfmart homepage showing tool bar on left from top to bottom with home; shopping; document search; view and search for contracts; accounts payable, vouchers, and receipts; and menu search. Top tool bar showing from left to right person's name with access to profile, access bookmarks, actions items, notifications, access to current shopping cart and quick search


The main homepage section shows different shopping options:

Shopping option from Wolfmart: Minority and Women-owned businesses, local contracts, showcased suppliers, Showcased Forms

Including a search option:

wolfmart hompage shop option


The left side lists recent news:

Wolfmart news on 2014/15 fiscal year


Throughout Wolfmart, click ? icons for more information on that section:

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