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WolfMart Update Announcement 7


Departments are advised that all requests for contractual agreements and services must be submitted on a Service Request form. Procurement will not be able to make payment for services using any other form. Requests for services that come in on a non-catalog order form will be returned with a request that they be resubmitted on the correct form.

Departments are reminded that the Procurement department does not review unfunded contracts. All contracts for review and process must be submitted through Wolfmart on the Service Contract Request form. Procurement should be brought into any endeavor regarding contractual agreements and or large scale/large dollar projects during the preliminary stages. It is also important to note that departments are not authorized to sign contractual agreements on behalf of the University or to authorize services under a contract that is unfunded or has not be reviewed and processed by the Procurement office. Please see University Policy P614 for further guidance in this regard or contact Mary La Corte at 2-9849.

Punch-out Suppliers

When using Punch-out Suppliers please note the following restrictions:

You cannot copy your cart or requisition for future use when using a punch-out.
You cannot save products in your favorite folders
Reason being when price changes this becomes a problem for the A/P department.

Quotes added to your Requisitions

Quotes should be added to external attachments during Checkout.

Non-encumbered payment form

For Research Funds, paid via check to domestic suppliers, please use a non-encumbered payment form.

Commodity Code for Shipping and Freight- When adding shipping and freight to your requisition, please select the Commodity Code for Shipping and Freight. This should not be the same code as the item being ordered. Please type in Shipping or Freight in the search box and the correct Commodity Code will come up.

For International Shipments

For International Shipments, please include our Broker's contact information on your Requisitions/PO's in the "Supplier's Notes/External Notes" as follows:

D. Hauser, Inc.
Phone: 1-718-723-1184
Fax: 1-718-723-4536

University Trademark Licensing Program- Before processing a Purchase Order the Stony Brook campus community participates in a licensing program that sets the guidelines for use of our logos and word marks on a variety of merchandise. Before processing a Purchase Order, please follow the instructions below:

  • All Promotional items using Stony Brook University's Word mark or Logos must be approved by the University and produced by a Licensed Vendor. See Licensed Vendor List at
  • All Licensed Vendors have access to the University's Style Guide. See Style Guide at
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