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  • WolfMart Update Announcement 1

    WolfMart Update Announcement 1

    New Non-Encumbered Payment Form

    Memberships (fees up to $50k), Registration Fees, Subscriptions, Postage and Invoices attached that in the past were sent as requisitions, should now be entered on the new form.

    Print Jobs, Photocopier Purchases and Maintenance Agreements

    When processing Po's for Print Jobs, Photocopier Purchases or Maintenance agreements, you must fill out a Service Contract Form to create a requisition. View the  Printing and Maintenance Agreement Requirements for PO's. Please make sure that all required data elements are entered into your requisition.

    New Process for Change Orders as follows:

    Paper Change Orders will no longer be accepted as of July 1, 2012.

    RF Change Orders over $500.00 that are non IDC funds must be approved by Grants Specialist. Please email or enter comments on your Purchase Order in WolfMart and send to your Grants Specialist.

    All other RF Change Orders should go directly to the Expeditor. Please email or enter comments in WolfMart on your Purchase Order and send to Dawn Jordan. You can contact her at (631) 632-2117.

    State Change Orders for Commodity purchases under $2500.00, please email or enter comments in WolfMart on your Purchase Order and send to the buyer assigned.

    State Change Orders for Commodity purchases over $2500.00, please email or enter comments in WolfMart on your Purchase Order and send to the Buyer assigned.

    State Change Orders for Services, please email or enter comments on your Purchase Order and send to the Contract Officer assigned.

    You can not add additional items on an existing Purchase Order. You must create a new order.

    Change Orders can not be processed on Punch-out orders. Please cancel your requisition and re-do your Punch-out order.

    When requesting a Change Order or re-submitting a Returned Requisition, please make sure that the award has not past its term date.


    1. Capital Funds: All items paid by Capital Funds cannot be split with Non Capital Funds. For example this would be a commodity code for construction accounts 22101900-4060000-575700, but not for non Capital Funds.
    2. Service Request Forms: Please make sure you are using the Service Request Form for Software and Maintenance Agreements.
  • WolfMart Update Announcement 2

    WolfMart Update Announcement 2

    Entering Discounts in WolfMart

    Please encumber the discounted price and include verbiage in the item description advising that the item includes the discounted %.

    Fisher Scientific orders for items that catalog #s start with NC or the number 50.

    These items are not contract items or stock items with Fisher Scientific. These items are charged shipping and can be quite expensive. The items themselves can have a substantial markup on the price as well. We ask that end users check with other suppliers for price and shipping charges. In most cases they will be paying substantially less.

    Fisher Scientific also has a statement "shipping direct from supplier". If you see this statement, there will be a shipping charge and we ask that you check into other suppliers for price as per above.

    Apple Purchases

    Effective July 1, 2012, our office will no longer accept paper requisitions from RF or the SUNY Web system. As a result of this change, all Apple orders will be ordered through WolfMart as a non-catalog order.

    OfficeMax Update

    The OfficeMax Customer Service number for Stony Brook University is (877) 430-4282. Stony Brook University is assigned to the OfficeMax "Teal Group". If you are not automatically connected to the "Teal Group" through (877) 430-4282, ask for the "Teal Group" since they are familiar with the Stony Brook University Account. Also, when calling 877-430-4282, a recording will prompt the caller to enter their pin. This is the pin that was established when the user first entered the OfficeMax Punch-out. However, if you do not have your pin, just stay on the line and you be be connected to the "Teal Group".

    The "Teal Group" will assist Stony Brook University with order information, delivery information and all returns.


    For Requisitions under $2500.00, please make sure that an internal and external quote is attached to your requisition. 

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