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WolfMart Update Announcement 4

Vendor Updates

Proftech, a New York State certified minority owned business enterprise, and a supplier of office products and supplies, has been added to the Wolfmart Showcase.

FM Office Environments to replace Grainger on Wolfmart

In line with the SUNY Board of Trustee's initiative to utilize certified NYS Minority and Woman Owned Businesses (MWBE) the Procurement department is pleased to announce the launch of FM Office Environments as a Wolfmart Showcase vendor. Our current goal plan is 12% (M) and 8% (W) of all discretionary spend. In order to assist State agencies in meeting these goals, FM Office Environments has partnered with W.W. Grainger and will replace the Grainger punchout site on the Showcase. When you click on FM Office's portal page on the Showcase, you will enter what is essentially Grainger's punchout catalog. All products that have been available through Grainger's punch out catalog will also be available on the FM Office Environment site. The Grainger punchout will be disabled when the FM Office Environment site is launched on the week of July 30, 2012.

For RF funds- Please submit your requisitions in Wolfmart before your Award has "Termed"

Please submit your requisitions in Wolfmart with enough time for all approvals to be completed before the term date of the account. The funds are not encumbered until all the approvals are complete. If the grant terms while the order is waiting for its approvals, it will fail the funds check.

Suppliers that have the same name

If you see multiple suppliers with the same name, please make sure you pick the correct one with the correct address.

Endusers required to enter their complete phone numbers on Ship To section of Check Out

During checkout on the "Shipping Section", please make sure that when you enter your phone number it is the complete number; for example, (631) 632-2222.

Adding a New Vendor to Wolfmart

When adding a new vendor to Wolfmart, please note address has been changed. Email your request to: Please make sure that your provide with this email, the contact information for this vendor.

Car Rentals

When requiring a PO for Car Rental/s please use the Service Contract form. Please note that this form does not pertain to employees in travel status. Employees in travel status should continue to pay out of pocket and seek reimbursement on their Travel Voucher when renting a car.

Any questions, please contact the  Wolfmart Help Desk 

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