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  • Vendor Information Updates

    Vendor Information Updates 

    • Until further notice you cannot place orders in WolfMart for the following vendors:
      • Apple, Inc.
      • Walmart


    • Dell: Most items can be purchased using the punch-out site on WolfMart. If the product is not available through Dell's punch-out site on WolfMart you can either go to the Dell site under NYS Higher Education AGGbuy at or e-mail Barry Warriner at to obtain a quote. Please note that those items quoted outside of the punch-out must then be entered as a Non-Catalog Order on WolfMart. The quotation obtained must be referenced in the Product Description field of the requisition and must be attached to the internal notes on your requisition at check out.


    • This vendor only accepts Research Purchase Orders.



        When entering the OFFICEMAX punchout for the first time, there is a template to be filled out. The first item on the template is PIN #. The user should just click on “I do not have a PIN”. This will allow the user to go forward and fill out all the necessary information on the template. In the future, when users go back into the OFFICEMAX punchout, they will NOT be prompted for a PIN. The OFFICEMAX punchout will have "Hello" and the person’s name when they go in.

        OFFICEMAX will send an email with a PIN # to the user’s email address entered on the template. The only time the PIN # will be used is as an identifying tool when calling OFFICEMAX customer service. If the user does not remember the PIN #, the user will still get through to OFFICEMAX customer service.


        The OFFICEMAX customer service number for STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY is (877) 430-4282. This number should bring the caller to the OFFICEMAX TEAL GROUP. When calling the Toll Free number, the caller should ask if this is the "TEAL GROUP" and if it is not, ask to be transferred to the “TEAL GROUP”. The TEAL GROUP is familiar with the STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY account and they are equipped to help us with questions regarding placing orders, tracking orders and requesting returns.

        Although the OFFICEMAX punchout has an index on the left side of the screen for tracking orders and requesting returns, it is better to call the TEAL GROUP because they are familiar with our account and they will help us immediately with questions, tracking and returns.


        OFFICEMAX offers 24-48 hour delivery service. All OFFICEMAX supplies will be delivered to the desktop.

      • CATALOGS:

        There will be no hard copy catalogs distributed for OFFICEMAX. In addition to a "Shopping List" tab that may be reviewed on the OFFICEMAX punchout, OFFICEMAX will offer an online "browse only" function on their website. More information on this offering will be available at a later date.

  • Important Reminders and Updates for Users of Wolfmart

    Important Reminders and Updates for Users of WolfMart

    • Adding Vendors to WolfMart: To have a vendor added to WolfMart send an email to: with the following information: Vendor Name, Address, Phone, Fax, E-mail Address, and Contact Name.
    • Defining Vendor Icon Symbols:

      vendor symbols
      • If using RF funds you must see this icon  red asterisk symbol next to the Suppliers name. If you do not see this icon, you must send an e-mail to with the following information: Vendor Name, Address, Phone, Fax, E-mail Address, and Contact Name before the vendor can be used with RF funds.
      • If using State funds you must see both icons  New York State symbol and  red asterisk symbol next to the Suppliers name. If you do not see both icons, you must send an e-mail to with the following information: Supplier contact name, address, phone number, fax number and e-mail address before the vendor can be used with State funds. The Procurement Documents section will add the vendors to the required systems and notify you within 2-3 days.
      • Shipping Terms for Freight: If the icon  dollar sign symbol appears next to the Suppliers name it signifies that the Supplier pays freight. Please go to drop down in the Delivery options at checkout and change the freight terms from Due to Paid.
    • When Entering a Non-Catalog Item: For each item a Part Number along with the full product description must be entered in the product description field. The same part number must also be entered in the Catalog No. field.
    • For Non-Catalog and Hosted Catalog Orders: For Non-Catalog and Hosted Catalog Orders: An additional line for estimated shipping must be added to your order. Please note that you need to use Packaging as USD-US Dollar as per the example below.

      shipping estimate example
    • For Catalog Orders Over $50,000.00: Procurement Buyers review orders before they are sent to vendor.
    • For Non-Catalog Orders Over $2,500.00: Procurement Buyers review order before they are sent to vendor.
    • Purchase Requisitions must be Contract-Exclusive: You cannot process a requisition that contains both contract and non-contract items or multiple contracts on the same Purchase Requisition.
    • Comments Tab: If a Requisition is returned to you from the Procurement Buyer, please look in the Comments Tab of the Requisition for an explanation.
    • No Blanket Orders:
    • Service Contract Requests: Please use the Service Contract Request form to submit formal solicitations, equipment maintenance agreements and ongoing services required on established service contracts.
    • WolfMart cannot accommodate more than 40 line items per requisition
    • Invoices: If you receive invoices directly from a vendor, please review, approve and send the invoices to Accounts Payable for processing.
    • Do not use WolfMart for: Payment Purposes Only and Reimbursements.
    • Adding Attachments to your Requisition

      In order for an attachment to be distributed out to the supplier, the attachment must be saved in the proper format. Please format the attachment's in a generic file, pdf, word,excel or jpg format.
    • Important Wolfmart Funding Updates

      Effective May 7, 2012 Departments will only be able to view and encumber their own funds in the Wolfmart System. If you need to do a split with an account from a different department you will need to forward/assign the requisition to that individual and they will add their own funding. Please refer all inquiries to the Help Desk @ 2-0025.
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