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Frequently Asked Questions

ACCOUNT NUMBERS: How do I add an account number to the Wolfmart 360?

In order to have access to an account number in Wolfmart 360 you must be in the ERAS system as a Wolfmart Requester or Approver. The Account Director or Account Assistant for the account you need to have access to can add you to ERAS by going to the HELP/FAQ.

COMMODITY CODES: How do I find a commodity code?

Please refer to the cheat sheet & video located under the training section on the log on page in Wolfmart   360.

ERAS: How do I add a Wolfmart Requester/Approver in ERAS?

  1. Click on an account number.
  2. Go to the 'Other Account Users' section.
  3. Click on the   Add/Remove  button.
  4. Fill-in the WolfMart Requester's SBID or NetID.
  5. Repeat for each of your WolfMart Requesters.
  6. Click on the   Done  button.
  7. Click on the   Save and Confirm  button at the top of the screen. 

FORMS: How do I add additional lines to a form?

Once you have completed the form go to the top (available actions) then go to the drop down, and choose add to cart and return. Make this selection for each additional line. Once you have added all the lines then click add to cart and GO.

FORMS: How do I know which form to use in Wolfmart 360?

  1. The Showcase Form Cheat Sheet and Purchasing with Forms have more information on choosing which form to use.
  2. To download the Showcase Form Cheat Sheet,
  3. Click Training located on the top of Wolfmart 360 pages
  4. Scroll down and click on Online Training.
  5. From there, you'll find the Showcase Form Cheat Sheet in the list of Resources

PROFILE: How do I update my office telephone number in my profile?

Please go to SOLAR and update your information. The information should synch over to Wolfmart in approximately 24-48 hrs.

REQUISITIONS: Why was my requisition returned to me?

Please scroll to the bottom of the email you received advising you the requisition was returned. There will be an explanation at the bottom of the email which will say validation failed (no funds) or some other reason explaining why the requisition was returned.

SPLITS: Can I split research and state accounts on the same requisition in Wolfmart?

No, you can only split state with state funds and research with research funds.

SPLITS: How do I process a split funded order?

Once you process through checkout and add the first account number, scroll to the far right side and click add split. A new funding line will appear for the second account number. If needed, once you add the second account number, you can add split for the third account number and so forth. Make sure you go to the drop down and choose % of price for State funds. Research funds may choose from the drop down. Keep in mind the total must be 100%. If you do not have access to one of the account numbers please input your account number and assign to the person in the department that has access to add their account number. Make sure you fill out the percentage of the split in each line to total 100%. Once everyone has added their account number the person to add the last split will submit the requisition. Once the requisition has been submitted all approvers will approver their part of the split.

*** Please refer to the Split Funds Video located under the training section on the log on page in Wolfmart   360 for additional information:

VENDORS: How do I update or add a new vendor in Wolfmart?

Please email with the following information: Please contact the vendor and verify the vendor accepts Purchase Orders. If the vendor accepts Purchase Orders please request a W9 form, and email the W9 along with the Phone#, Fax#, Email address and contact name to the vendor file. Also specify if you are using state or research funds. Keep in mind State funds take 3-5 business days to be added to the system. Research funds can be added the same day if we have all the information including the W9 form. 


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